What is Herbs From The Heart?

Herbs from the Heart provides small-batch herbal remedies crafted from pure organic, ethically wildcrafted ingredients. My loving creations harness the wisdom of the plants to provide the healing nourishment that you seek. Open the door to the graceful way of healthy living. 

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I offer a multitude of beautifully crafted remedies. Some are standard and others are seasonal to address your specific needs in a natural, balanced way. Whether you wish for acute relief for a specific ailment, strive for overall longevity and vitality, my creations will support you holistically.

Thank you so much for your love and support. I am so excited to try my new tea. I am so happy you are willing to make a tea, tincture and aromatherapy for the birth of our sweet Benji.
— Customer - Kassadee


I offer personal, private consultations to support your unique healing aspirations. You’ll find my warm style comforting and our conversations will help inspire you to greater wellness. I will partner with you to create a custom, holistic plan which will be an invaluable resource for your journey.

Contact me for more information so you can learn how we can create this special partnership:

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Another opportunity to learn more about the powerful ‘wisdom of the plants’ is through my interactive and engaging classes. I can create a special class just for you and your family and friends, or you are welcome to attend any of my classes that are offered in locations throughout the Phoenix area.

You can be assured you’ll have plenty of fun, you’ll get to have a hands-on experience, leave with your own wholesome creation… and your own deepened wisdom.

You can learn about current classes on my page below, or feel free to contact me about hosting your own class.