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A heartfelt way of healing





Hi! My name is Andrea Stines. I am excited and grateful for the amazing opportunity to pour my passion and love for herbs, people and healing into my own creation, Herbs from the Heart.

I craft, formulate and blend my remedies in small batches, with the intent and wisdom of the herbs to heal body, mind and spirit. I also offer custom herbal formulations, private consultations and herbal education.

My Background

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"Nature has gifted us with plant medicine to nourish and heal our bodies, speak to our spirits and partner with our minds."


My passion for herbs and healing was unknowingly awakened when I  was called to observe an herbal class during my search for something that would spark passion and meaning.  My spirit was definitely in charge as I had no knowledge or experience with herbs.  I was instantly intrigued and deeply touched by the healing, loving wisdom of the plants. Without any hesitation, I enrolled in the Western Herbalism program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA), taught by well known Southwestern Herbalist JoAnn Sanchez.  I graduated in 2007.

Upon graduation, I began my herbal career in a retail setting at Desert Sage Herbs.  What a great opportunity to jump in, connect and gain experience in helping people with a vast array of health concerns.    I quickly became office manager, taught classes and began my clinical practice.  At the same time, I was honored  when JoAnn, my SWIHA teacher/mentor, offered me a position as facilitator of the Healing Journey Master Project and Farmers Market Project. I delight in helping herbalist students grow for nearly a decade.

I have a deep respect for the knowledge and healing power of botanicals.  Without a doubt, I was guided to work with the plants to help people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.   I always say that the plants drew me in and began working their magic on many levels. My life forever changed and took on that healing, passion and meaning that I had been searching for!  It continues to be quite a journey for which I am absolutely grateful.

Herbalism is a life time study, as I continue my education in Michael and Lesley Tierra’s online East West Herb Course. I attend yearly conferences and am excited to continue learning from the plants and other amazing herbalists.


“Nature is the best medicine” 





I offer a multitude of beautifully crafted remedies. Some are standard and others are seasonal to address your specific needs in a natural, balanced way. Whether you wish for acute relief for a specific ailment, strive for overall longevity and vitality, my creations will support you holistically.

Most popular remedies:

  • Tinctures (for internal use)
  • Essential Oil Spritzers & Blends
  • Syrups
  • Custom unique and delicious tea blends
  • Many other natural healing items and delightful gifts


I offer personal, private consultations to support your unique healing aspirations. You’ll find my warm style comforting and our conversations will help inspire you to greater wellness. I will partner with you to create a custom, holistic plan which will be an invaluable resource for your journey.

Contact me for more information so you can learn how we can create this special partnership.


Another opportunity to learn more about the powerful ‘wisdom of the plants’ is through my interactive and engaging classes. I can create a special class just for you and your family and friends, or you are welcome to attend any of my classes that are offered in locations throughout the Phoenix area.

You can be assured you’ll have plenty of fun, you’ll get to have a hands-on experience, leave with your own wholesome creation… and your own deepened wisdom.


Organic Handcrafted  Small Batches


Contact Me

If it's scheduling a consultation, or looking to host a class, please feel free to contact me so we can start this special partnership.

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